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20 May 2021 Latest news
The Groningen Company VRelax has won a prestigious prize on 19 May. The international Prix Galien Medtech Innovation Award is presented to companies that are introducing meaningful developments in ...
10 June 2020 Latest news
Excessive sweating, called hyperhydrosis, is a condition that often has no underlying cause. People who suffer from it experience social consequences in particular. Wet sweat stains and unpleasant ...
8 June 2020 Latest news
X-rays are a well-known method of looking “in the body” in the hospital for effects such as broken bones. As soon as someone has to have an X-ray, the caregivers stand behind a screen a...
5 June 2020 Latest news
The importance of patient’s mobility has been receiving a lot of attention in recent years. Movement accelerates the recovery of patients after being admitted to the hospital. Unfortunately, patien...


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